Some people complained: "When making love, my husband is always anxious, impatient and impersonal. Foreplay is just a matter of time.

At the beginning, there is still feeling, and then there will be no more, so that I am a bit disgusted with having sex with him now, because I know During the whole process, every time there is nothing special...."Measures must be taken immediately before your relationship can be saved.People are very easy to make the mistake of not doing foreplay!Even people with theoretical and clinical experience sometimes make similar mistakes.Regarding foreplay, human sex must require foreplay, whether it is a man or a woman.

Foreplay is a bit simpler, isn't it just caressing? Who won't? Just touch it, knead it. You are wrong.

The truth is that many women have no feeling for this kind of pure physical stimulation. Not only women, but also men are actually the same, and some people even feel disgusted.So what is the real good foreplay? -Really good foreplay is the intimate link and self-acceptance that started 24 hours in advance. Foreplay starts 24 hours in advance, not 10 minutes in bed.

 Sex between people is a very intimate process, a zero distance of the body, while sex is a mutual temptation and fusion of negative distance.


 The distance between people is a little bit closer. Only the last 10 minutes will not achieve good results. So what do you need to do for the "foreplay" 24 hours in advance?

 ① Concern

Simple language care can shorten the distance and reduce the sense of strangeness. In addition to linguistic care and warmth, there are gifts that can make the other person feel that you are caring and care about them. Like you wear on a sexy lingerie and lie on the sofa when your lover come back home. And you put one new vibrator you bought last week on the table. I think your lover should run to you.


A certain degree of self-exposure can strengthen trust, and even sharing your feelings can make the other person think that you trust her before telling her.

 ③expression in one's eyes

Whether a person is interested in you can be seen from the eyes. Although many people make love with their eyes closed, in order to realize that sex is a communication channel between the body and the soul, we still recommend that you open the window of the soul and do more eye contact with each other.

 The above foreplay is 24 hours in advance. Before 4 hours, you should also eat together. The distance between people in the world can be shortened by sharing food together.

In the first two hours before sex is about to begin, the air will be filled with ambiguous fragrance, and the body is already eager to try. If every man has the thought of doing foreplay 24 hours in advance, then I am sure that the proportion of female orgasms will increase by 50 percent.But many women said: My husband doesn't even have 5 minutes of foreplay. what should I do?

 At this time, I will ask: Do you do foreplay for men?

 Why do men do not need foreplay? Men are not vibrators. Although their sexual reactions are faster, they still need to flirt, and they still need to warm up and prepare, especially in the familiar pattern of old couples.

 When you tease a man, they usually turn on the "autopilot" mode, and they start to flirt in reverse, and the foreplay begins to interact. Otherwise, they will not always do foreplay. These are actually not gender, they are all human nature. If a man wants a woman to do something, he keeps complimenting it, as long as she takes a small step.

However, some people may still ask, what should I do if my husband has no foreplay now? First, you take the initiative to do foreplay, and start "routine" him 24 hours in advance. When a problem occurs, it is necessary to adjust and change the interaction method of some partners in time.

 Many women endure silently at the beginning, thinking it is their own fault, and men think that this will satisfy you. Gradually developed a habit of laziness. Many things are related to the formation of a fixed pattern in the later stage, and it is difficult to change.

So, when you point out the problem, you have to adopt a strategy: some kind of share this article with him or her.


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