Many people like to use a masturbation cup, because the masturbation cup allows you to feel the real feeling of sex without the other half when you masturbate. So, the author will introduce to you below, is it harmful for men to use masturbation cups? What are the benefits?

The masturbation cup has many benefits. The masturbation cup is specifically for guys. It is a good choice for boys who have the habit of masturbating or whose partner is not around. The masturbation cup was originally invented by the Japanese for the Masturbator Forces. The advantage of the cup is that it conforms to the science of pleasure. The masturbation cup is made completely imitating the internal structure of human organs. The masturbation cup is safe to use and easy to carry. It can fully solve one's physiological needs and bring you unlimited fun and endless extraordinary enjoyment. The masturbation cup is designed to simulate a male lying flat on a female upper body. This position can be inserted into the deep part of the vagina, so the cup body is specially designed to stretch and can be inserted into the deepest part.

It is basically impossible for men to use airplane cups to be harmful, because as long as everyone uses them according to the normal frequency and frequency and in the correct way, in addition to feeling the real sense of stimulation, it will not be harmful. If the frequency of use is too frequent, harmful places will appear, the nerves will become sensitive, and the time will become shorter and shorter, so quickly quit and slowly recover.

The benefits of using a masturbation cup:

1. Absolutely safe sex

The correct use of airplane cups will not spread diseases, and of course there is no need to worry about pregnancy and other troubles. It is your personal toy, which you can possess at any time and be ravaged at will. 

2. Focused, stress-free, carefully experience the pleasure of sex, and feel the origin of sex

Don't be distracted by the feelings of the other half, don't worry about your performance, the masturbator gives you the fun of space that belongs to you completely.

3. Stand by at any time to meet your needs, and feel the pleasure of sex anywhere

Whether you are alone or when your partner is inconvenient to cooperate, the airplane cup can meet your needs at any time. Convenient to carry in secret, you can also take it with you when you travel.

4. Increase interest

The airplane cup can be used with the other half to increase the fun. The experience of many female friends shows that the airplane cup can help them understand the physical and psychological reactions of their husbands, make their sex life more coordinated, and meet the needs of each other during the menstrual period and pregnancy.

5. More intense orgasms

Many users said that the jet cup can bring them an unprecedented orgasm, more than the actual experience of making love. This is not an exaggeration as you can see in the comment section.

6. Easy to clean, durable, easy to use, and no strange smell

Many products on the market have an unpleasant smell, and some fake silicone materials will break or be difficult to clean after a few uses. The patented lifelike material of PHANXY's masturbation cup is soft and has no strange smell, is easy to clean and will not adhere to bacteria, the shell is sturdy and durable, and the internal silicone will not break. It is not difficult to imagine how exciting the realistic feeling is!

7. Try an unusual experience

Normal sexual position always makes you feel dissatisfied. Then you can try the jet cup. Silky teasing, gently squeezing the penis, the whole process of sex is up to you.