Which behaviors gay men prefer in love?


The survey report shows:


Regarding the sexual behavior and satisfaction of gay and heterosexual men in their romantic relationships, David Frederick conducted a survey in the United States. A rough exact match created heterosexuality (n=3527) and homosexuality (n=452). Through multi-dimensional in-depth research, David Frederick found some interesting things.


1.Similarities between homosexual and heterosexual men

  • Say“I love you”to partner
  • Deep Kiss
  • Gentle Kiss
  • It is possible to massage your partner to improve sex life

2.Differences between homosexual and heterosexual men

  • Accept oral sex
  • Give oral sex
  • Watching pornography with your partner

3.PHANXY's surprise for male homosexuality

Homosexual men prefer to receive oral sex and give oral sex. PHANXY specially designed a lot of products for gay men in the FONDLOVE & PHANXY series for them. FONDLOVE & PHANXY are a small business owned by a group of women who want to explore more possibility of sex. We would like to help people to find and liberate their sexual desire in a healthy way. Many people don't have the right concept about sex, so we wish everyone could be honest with their body and accept who they are. 

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