I recommend PHANXY's sex toy with high value, complete functions and very good experience. If you are single without a partner, don’t go away immediately. This toy can be used not only by couples, but also by a single person, regardless of whether you are a boy or a girl! It is simply a versatile toy!

PHANXY wearable remote control vibrator

The biggest feature of this sex toy is as you can see, it is a U-shaped design, both ends can be vibrated, one of which has a remote control button. And it also has a special design, that is, the U-shaped lower end, which is the junction of the two vibration ends, two motors high and low stereo wave vibration, so that every pore in your body is climax!
The reason why it is called a wearable vibrator is that one end of it can be put into the body to stimulate the G-spot, and the other end can just stimulate the peas outside the body, and after putting it in, you can even put on underwear and go out to play. Of course, its gameplay There are more than one, so let me introduce them one by one.
Everyone knows that the most sensitive part of a girl is clitoral. In addition to the internal G-spot, this vibrating egg can stimulate these two parts at the same time, and it can also caress the perineum and vulva. Great satisfaction. The vibration blessing of two motors, 9 modes, different frequency vibration adjustment, experience the thrill of a tsunami.
The middle of this vibrator can be bent to adjust the angle at will. This is very convenient for everyone to put one end into the body, while the other end adjusts the angle to stimulate clitoral, because everyone’s body is different after all, so The design is also very user-friendly. In addition, this vibrator also has a remote control, which is convenient for yourself or the other party to remotely control the vibrator, allowing you to experience unexpected excitement.
The vibrator itself also has a remote control function, which is very convenient to control.
To sum it up, there are totally 5 different ways to play this vibrator. Both girls and boys can play with the same sex and the opposite sex! !

Gameplay 1: Girl play solo

This is the most common way to play. Put one end of the vibrator into the body to find the G-spot, and the other end to stimulate the clitoral outside the body. At this time, you can sit or lie down (of course you can also stand). Of course, the most comfortable one is lying down. . When lying down, the touch surface is just above, fingers can easily touch the button for adjusting the intensity. The intensity and the switch are the same button. Press for two seconds to switch the vibrator. Of course, you can also use the remote control to control it.

Gameplay 2: Girls wear vibrating eggs for Kegel exercises (at the same time they can be remotely controlled by the opponent)

The dressing method of this gameplay is the same as that of gameplay 1. The difference is that the vibrating egg can also be used for Kegel exercises in addition to self-healing. Kegel exercises should be familiar to everyone. In addition to helping to restore the vagina after childbirth, it can also increase the strength of each woman's vaginal muscles, making you more happy and refreshed when you roll the bed.
So this kind of gameplay is to perform Kegel exercises while being self-confident. Put the vibrator into your body during practice, then you can put on underwear and pants, do what you usually do at home, it is best to stand, and at the same time consciously zoom in and out of the V-channel, so as to unknowingly increase the vaginal muscle strength La~ After wearing the vibrator, you can even have a street play. Let your partner hold the remote control and remotely control the toys in your body at the place where people come and go on the street. You can feel the pleasure but can’t shout. It's so exciting~

Gameplay 3: Resonance when couples have sex

This is also a conventional way to wear a vibrator, that is, when a man and a woman have sex, put the vibrator into the girl's body and put the man's penis together (you can use more lubricating fluid in the first try).
 At this time, the other end of the vibrator stimulates the clitoris, so that while making love, the girl's clitoris can also be taken care of gently, which can help the girl reach orgasm faster.
 And the end placed in the body is also vibrating and stimulating the male penis at the same time. At this time, both of them are feeling the double stimulation, which truly realizes the "resonance of love", which can better increase the sexual experience and make you more intimate.

Gameplay 4: Resonance during sex between lesbians

This is the legendary double-headed stick? Yes, wearing a vibrator can turn into a double-headed stick between lesbians at any time, isn't it wonderful? And the two motors can also stimulate the orgasm of two people as much as possible. Although this gameplay seems to have not stimulated the clitoris of the two people, isn't the face-to-face position just right to rub the clitoris together!
However, in this way of playing, you can’t adjust the mode with the buttons of the vibrating egg itself (because the other end also enters the body at the same time), so you can only use the remote control to control it. In addition, I should also remind that when using this method, it is recommended to wear condoms on both ends of the vibrator before entering the body. Try not to change the sides of the two of them. If you want to change, you must change the condom before using it, otherwise it will easily cause bacterial cross-infection.

Gameplay 5: Boy play solo


Can boys play this toy alone? of course! Don't forget that boys have a more refreshing prostate orgasm than ejaculation, so this wearable vibrator can also turn into a prostate stick in seconds. One end is put into the body to stimulate the prostate, and the other end can stimulate the perineum of boys, double stimulation and double orgasm! And at this time, another person can also use the remote control to control it, so that he can also experience the feeling that he has never had before.