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yes,PHANXY product is 100% medical grade silicone.

We use international express delivery. It was take 7-15 days. But the express delivery may be slower due to the impact of COVID-19. Please forgive us. We do our best to delivery for you as fast as possible. You can check it out below phanxy website "Track your oder". Thank you.

The packaging of our products is a secret guarantee.

Yes, you can. The vibrator normally like a phone size and Low voltage. You could bring it in a checked in bag.There is a battery in the vibrator. If you want to take a plane, you may need to take it out of the checked in bag during security check like a mobile phone.You'd better put the vibrator in a small black dust bag to protect your privacy.

Press & hold for 3 seconds to turn it ON, and then shortly press to switch to the next level. (there are 10 levels available).If you want to stop this function, press & hold for 1.5 seconds.If you want to turn the device OFF, press & hold for 3 seconds

While we designed the vibrators to be as seamless as possible, the motion of friction and vibration does generate a little heat. Hence, using the vibrator for a longer time may heat it up a little. Nothing unpleasant or to be worried about.

The vibrator is not loud. If you plan some fun alone time, with the kids in the other room watching TV, don’t be worried that you’ll wake up the whole house.

Our vibrators are made for both, couple play, to enhance the intensity of your experience as a couple as well as spice up your alone time. It can also be used for the foreplay, during sex, or in any other fun combination you can think of.

The vibrator is designed for full enjoyment only for women that have had sex at least once. You can still use the suction function, without insertion. If you do not want to penetrate your hymen, we do not recommend inserting the vibrator.

When the device is fully charged, the indicator is always on. The vibrator will last for 0.5 hour to 1.5 hours of pure pleasure.

Yes, If your product still in warranty please contact to custumer service to get a replacement charger. If not,you could buy the original cable at the link below.https://www.phanxy.com/collections/accessories

Nomally you need to charge it 1.5 to 2 hours.When clitoris vibrator is charging, the indicator light flashes.When clitoris vibrator is fully charged, the indicator light is always on.If the product still can't work plz contact us support@phanxy.com

Most products are magnetic charging, a few products are DC USB charging. It is very easy magnetic on the vibrator. Please note the DC USB charging port is a very little tiny hole, just plug into the tiny hole on the vibrator.

We recommend steps to clean up the vibrator:Clean the equipment with water and soap. Then rinse off the soap with some water.Pat dry with a clean lint-free cloth or microfiber towel to avoid leaving fluffStore it within easy reach, so you can find fun anytime, anywhere. Keep it away from children.

Our common ingredients: 1, Medical silicone; 2, TPE; these are environmentally friendly materials, additives, nonylphenol, non-cyclic aromatic hydrocarbon PAH, and meet the relevant testing standards of ROHS, REACH and EN71-3. 

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