For most men, prostate orgasm seems to be an impossible state. How many people are eager to pursue and explore, but they may end in failure. But prostate orgasm is something that really exists, just like penile orgasm, except that the intensity, width, depth and duration of prostate orgasm are beyond the reach of penile orgasm.


Many articles on the Internet about prostate orgasm, most of which are derived from the description of the Heidi Sexology Report, but the Heidi Sexology Report does not specifically teach you how to obtain a prostate orgasm. For gay men, it may be possible through the other party’s penis pumping. Insert to stimulate the prostate and get an orgasm, but for heterosexual men, you can't get an orgasm through this way.


Anything in life, as long as you believe, persist, and dare to try again and again, you can definitely achieve your goal. The so-called prostate orgasm is the same. Believe in its existence and keep pursuing it, then you will be able to succeed, then , Let us act now!


The distance between the prostate and the anus is about 5CM to 7CM. It is close to the root of the penis and below the bladder. It is important to understand the distance between the prostate and the prostate. Almost all professional prostate massage sticks in cities are already super long. The tip is often the bladder, which is why people mainly use this kind of massage stick to stimulate the prostate but cannot achieve orgasm, because it does not stimulate the real prostate.


In addition, prostate massage takes a long time, and it may take more than an hour or even more continuous for first-timers to reach orgasm. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a massage stick with a rechargeable power source, which can last longer.



What preparations should be done before massaging the prostate?

 1. Dilation of the anus

The anus is a very sensitive organ, and the perianal area is full of nerves, so stimulating the anus itself will also produce pleasure. For those who have not done any anal masturbation, the rectum will have a strong rejection reaction to the foreign body. This reaction will decrease with the increase in the number of stimulation of the foreign body. When the foreign body is inserted into the anus, there will be no strong bowel movements When reacting, pleasure will follow.


The undeveloped anus is very tight, and it is best to expand it. Usually, you can often insert a small plastic bottle for expansion. From small to large, you can even insert a plastic bottle with a diameter of about 7CM. (For safety's sake, never insert fragile or short items).


During the expansion of the anus, the first time there will be a strong pain. At this time, the foreign body can be removed and then inserted again, the pain will disappear. Of course, adequate lubrication is necessary. You can purchase a special rear court body lubricating oil, which generally contains relaxation and soothing ingredients.

2. PC muscle exercise

PC muscle exercise is very important. In fact, in the process of PC muscle exercise, the prostate is automatically massaged, which can also produce a certain degree of pleasure. There is reason to believe that having a strong PC muscle makes it easier to obtain prostate orgasm, and during sex, it can greatly extend the time of intercourse and increase the duration of pleasure during ejaculation.

3. Selection of massage stick

There are many different types of massage sticks on the market. For prostate massage, there are zigzag, anchor and so on. This shape is not too much suggestion. Everyone likes different shapes. As long as the size is appropriate and the battery life is long, it is best to be the one that can be adjusted to find the frequency that suits you.


The specific process of prostate vibrator

1. Posture

It is best to lie on your side with your knees bent, so that it is easier to aim at the prostate, and this position will not cause ejaculation. One massage can bring multiple orgasms to the prostate, lasting more than ten minutes, but once it causes ejaculation, the orgasm ends.

 2. Lubrication

Before the massage stick is inserted into the anus, it must be fully lubricated. If there is insufficient lubrication, it will enter rashly, which will greatly reduce the pleasure.

3. Insertion depth

Generally, it is 5-7cm. If it is inserted too deep, the massage head will not align with the prostate. Even if it can produce pleasure, it is very weak. The massage stick is best to use the size that suits you. After inserting it, put on underwear and put a pillow between your legs to prevent it from slipping out.

4. Sex toy intensity

Sex toy intensity determines the success of orgasm. Many people think that the stronger the massage intensity, the better. In fact, if the intensity is too high, it is difficult to achieve orgasm. My experience is that the vibration intensity must be small enough, that is, the speed of the vibrator can be adjusted to almost the minimum, and it can be increased slowly. Moreover, it is necessary to ensure sufficient power to prevent insufficient power supply midway, so that the upcoming climax suddenly stops. (In addition, before the massage, the urine must be emptied as much as possible, do not drink water, in order to prevent the urge to urinate in the middle, which will affect the pleasure)

5. Massage process

During the massage, you must concentrate all your consciousness on the position of the prostate, and consciously contract the prostate, and then slowly relax. The intensity must be very, very light, with an interval of 2 seconds. At the same time, it is necessary to relax the anal sphincter as much as possible. When the anus is unconsciously tightened, it must be relaxed in time. The more relaxed the better. While relaxing the anus, relax the whole body, close your eyes tightly, breathe in and out quickly, pause for a few seconds after inhaling, and then exhale. When the orgasm is about to come, it is best to hold your breath.


The main points of the massage process

1. Attention should be highly concentrated on the prostate and get rid of all distractions.

2. The anal sphincter should be relaxed as much as possible, and relax at all times.

3. Relax your whole body and relax at all times.

4. Breathe in slowly and quickly out, hold your breath for a certain period of time after inhaling.

5. If conditions permit, shout out loud if you are happy.

6. Be firmly convinced that the climax is coming.



What is the feeling of prostate orgasm?


It can be said that the prostate orgasm is completely different from the penile ejaculation orgasm. The penile orgasm is too single, radiating in a band, covering a small area and short duration, while the prostate orgasm is radiating in a planar shape, covering almost the entire lower body below the waist, extending to the knee , Especially the anterior part of the pelvis and the inner thigh, giving a feeling of complete emptiness.


When the prostate orgasm comes, the lower part of the waist, especially the pubic carp, is almost completely numb, and the whole body is completely relaxed. Without any effort, the orgasm comes slowly like a sea wave, and the whole genitals seems to be torn. , As if floating in the air, and completely collapsed, losing gravity, every nerve of the human body is completely released, and will not be influenced by any distracting thoughts.


Prostate orgasm can cause erection of the penis, but not ejaculation. If a cylindrical airflow is introduced into the perineum area, the genitals will rotate, translate, move away, and draw closer with the airflow. This charming pleasure lasts for more than ten minutes. , You can't help groaning loudly or even laughing because the pleasure is too strong.


After penis ejaculation orgasm, it will give people a feeling of complete satisfaction, and people will be very tired. But after the prostate pleasure, people will not be satisfied, but will give people a very greedy desire. You will long for this orgasm to continue. After the orgasm, you will want to do it again, twice, countless times, and not Will be too tired.


The penis orgasm only lasts a few seconds, but the duration of the prostate height can reach more than ten minutes. I have tried it for more than 30 minutes. The orgasm is a wave of sensation, and it will not stop at once.


When the prostate orgasm comes, the prostate and anus will contract and tremble rapidly and violently, just like a cold shiver in winter. This contraction movement takes only a few seconds. After the contraction, a strong orgasm will arrive, and you will start to become numb. Desperate.


It can be said that people who have experienced prostate orgasm will dismiss any other pleasures. You will feel like taking opium because of the experience of orgasm. You can't get rid of it, can't let it go, and become completely addicted. You can lie down quietly without thinking about anything, and enjoy the ethereal wonderful feeling brought by this pleasure.