A new relationship has a lot of energy. But with time your sex life may become monotonous. You can employ a lot of strategies to reinvigorate your relationship. You may try with new dresses or setup; you may also try with new positions and different places; these all are essential parrots of maintaining your relationship. But there is one another thing that you may try; that usually couples are too afraid to try. It is using sex toys to enhance your pleasure during sex.

Why Couples Feel Afraid

It is seen that most couples believe the usage of sex toys unconventional and pervert to a certain extent. They think that they are doing something unnatural when they are using sex toys. However, nothing can be farther than truth. Sex toys are just enhancement products that enable you to enjoy your sex life better and the most pleasurable way possible. There is nothing unnatural with following your wild desires in private.

Sex Toys are Not Just For Solo Acts

A lot many people consider that sex toys are just for solo acts and masturbation. They may find it odd while using them while having sex with their partner. However, this is not true. While a sex toy really helps during a solo act, it is also very useful when you are enjoying with your partner. It increases the intensity of your lovemaking and increases the duration and pleasure to manifolds.

Not Just For Women

Usually, sex toys are considered accessories for women only, and men are considered self-sufficient. We don’t deny the man being capable of reaching to the peak of pleasure without using anything but think when you are doing that same thing for years. It will become boring, isn’t it? Sex toys just give you another way to enjoy that same robust self.

Sex toys like a vibrator help a man in two ways. First when using by inserting they make the woman more excited and she becomes more acceptable and giving, in turn, increasing the pleasure of the man. The other way is that they act on the private part of the man also and give you that extra pleasure which you long for.

Using a Couples Vibrator


Coming back to rekindling the relationship energy, a clitoris G-spot vibrator is a very good companion for solo play or couples fun. This vibrator has two prongs of different sizes that can be used in different ways by the user. A woman may choose to fill both her holes using these and enjoy the pleasure by the stimulations of the vibration. The small end may be inserted along with the penis inside the vagina and both man and woman may enjoy its sensations together. It will greatly enhance the pleasure of their lovemaking.


If you are using a vibrator first time, you may have a mindset that it is something unconventional. But after start using it, it will become an essential part of your sex life.